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Welcome to InvestPRO

Welcome to our cryptocurrency mining, advertising and pool profit sharing. Guaranteed passive earning for 24/7/365. Earn free ad money everyday. Withdraw your money instantly. Get lucrative commission for referring friends.

Cryptocurrency Mining

We started Bitcoin mining in 2011. Since then we have been gone through many hardware setup - GPU, ASIC of different companies, and different mining pools. Finally we have started a private pool for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining. We buy hash powers on demand from our suppliers. The more we invest, the more we profit. We mine new cryptocurrencies as early as possible - making a significant profit.

Cryptocurrency Trading

We also trade cryptocurrencies in different platforms, like BTCC, Huobi, BTC-E, Coinbase, Bitstamp. We have an expert trading team to utilize the ups and downs of cryptocurrency price. We have built specialized trading softwares according to the trading knowledge we gathered over time. Our trade policy is - small profit per trade, but as many trade as possible per day with large amount. Thus making us even 100% profit per month!

Online Betting

Online betting is also a huge opportunity to make some quick cash. We have a dedicated team for online betting, mainly in sports bet. Bet365 is our main platform. We never participate in wild bets. Profit ratio in 'almost sure' bets are low, as there are many people in the same side. We invest big money in these bets to maintain our desired profit.

Ad Exchange

We have a large advertising network from which we get highly paid ads. Our advertisers want real and valuable traffic, interested to cryptocurrencies and other financial technologies. That's why we decided to make additional advertsing pool with our existing businesses. All of our users are part of the pool and we share 70% of our ad revenue with them. You do not need to pay any money to view the ads.

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STARTED Apr 24, 2017

Forum Presence

We have very good reviews on top money-making forums. You can check what people say about us. You can also write good reviews there and upload payment proofs to increase your referral earning and to build a good team with like-minded people.

Future Plans

  • Country Agents: We will introduce country agent system very soon.
  • Chat Box: We will introduce chat box (like BTC-E) very soon, so that our users can communicate with each others directly on our home page.
  • Referral Contest: We will start awarding top referrers (in terms of referral income) from next month.
  • CPA Business: We have already started Cost Per Action (CPA) business. We will introduce a CPA package in May 2017.
  • CPA Network: We will implement our own CPA Netwrok (Publisher-Advertiser model) by the end of 2017. Our users will be able to promote offers in higher margin.

Here you can find our latest news stories . We also run opinion polls where we ask you to answer some of our questions, like what you think about..

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Fastest Growing Site

InvestPRO is the fastest growing online earning site now. Our alexa rank is 35,735. Total 795 sites linking in to us. This is the symbol of trust users put on us. Here is our growth history:

  • 4/11/2017: 35,735
  • 4/10/2017: 47,793
  • 4/9/2017: 49,327
  • 4/8/2017: 50,797
  • 4/7/2017: 52,578
  • 4/6/2017: 54,548
  • 4/5/2017: 56,449
  • 4/4/2017: 59,024
  • 4/3/2017: 61,764
  • 4/2/2017: 64,350
  • 4/1/2017: 67,036
  • 3/31/2017: 68,596
  • 3/30/2017: 70,334
  • 3/29/2017: 72,443
  • 3/28/2017: 75,593
  • 3/27/2017: 80,717
  • 3/26/2017: 86,551
  • 3/25/2017: 90,025


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